The environments that surround us shape our thoughts and actions, reflect the condition of our society and influence our wellbeing.

We adopt some simple principles that allow us to keep this in mind when we create a room concept.

First, we try to open ourselves up to the environment in which we are building, to take everything that is already there into consideration and to incorporate it carefully into our own drafting process. We do not build on a white piece of paper, but in a context – a room, a city, a landscape.


White Trash

S-Bahn Bänke

Jennifer Rostock




Second, we try to not simply expand what is already there, but to bring what is already there into question and to try out new ideas and working methods. Sometimes we try to consciously abandon established ways of doing things. The ability to create counterpoints and a certain amount of tension is the motor of innovation and the essence of good design.

Creation in dialogue with its environment. That is what we strive for.